Working magic (for your best body, best health, & best life)

The mind-body connection is huge.
But I believe it’s even huger than what we think it is.

Consider this: Your reality is nothing more than the truths you believe in your head. Your reality has nothing to do with the objective, measurable world. You have the power to create whatever reality you wish for yourself. Whatever reality.

This is great news when we come to our health and our bodies, because essentially, whatever you believe to be true will manifest.  If you believe broccoli will make you thin, it’s likely that it will.

Here are two ways to use this to your advantage today:

1. Watch your self-talk
If you’re the kind of person who constantly throws out casual comments about how fat your thighs are or how ugly you are to your girlfriends, you might want to stop doing that and see what happens. I used to always think my cheeks were so chubby, and honestly once I vowed to stop affirming it as my reality with my words, I can swear they’re no longer chubby. Words have incredible power and weight to them. Pretend like the Universe is listening to every word you say and that it’s responding accordingly – because it kind of is.

2. Make up your own guidelines about what’s good for you
You’ve heard of the placebo effect, right? If you’re told something is definitely going to clear up your skin, and you believe it, it happens. Our belief is the secret ingredient. It’s easy to believe  that salads will make us lose weight, but harder to believe when it’s fried chicken in the same equation. The ONLY difference is that the former is easier to believe, so we inject belief into the situation. If you truly believe that chocolate will give you a smaller waist, it will. But only as long as you have zero doubt in your mind.
If you’re ready to have a little fun with your reality, play around with which beliefs you would like to hold onto, and which ones you’re done with. If you’d rather not believe you need to pound the treadmill 6 times a week in order to maintain your figure, you can delete that belief from your internal hard drive and reboot anytime you like. I know for sure there are lots of other beliefs I could invest in that sound like a lot more fun than that!

The choice is always yours to make. So make it a good one.

With Love
Jenna Zoe

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