When Discipline Backfires

When it comes to weight loss, we believe that the more strictly we treat ourselves, the faster we will get to our goal weight. More discipline = faster results right?
A little discipline is good. You start to take the stairs instead of the elevator and it feels good. It feels easy, it feels doable, you’re flooded with happy hormones. So you’re inspired to continue because you’ve created a pleasure pathway in your brain.
But ‘too much’ discipline? You strip down your salads to a point where they stop tasting good. You go through the motions in your super intense workout class, when you’d rather be at a hip hop workshop, just because you’re told the former will burn more calories. The result? You’ve created a sense of self-punishment.
In the first example, you’ve created pleasure and happiness. We’re living in the Aquarian age where the path towards pleasure, is pleasure. If you want your dream body because it will make you happier in your skin, you have to do things that will make your happier in your skin. As Joseph Campbell was famous for saying, ‘follow your bliss’. If you love green juice, have that. But don’t stock up on it because anyone other than yourself has decided it’s the way to your optimal health and happiness.
What I’m telling you is great news really, because it means you get to make up your own rules about what makes you look and feel your best.
Overly disciplining yourself will always backfire because you’re creating resistance in your brain and body. You’re moving further away from inner harmony if you keep choosing force and punishment. At any point in your journey, the best way to create positive momentum that lasts is to make little changes that feel good and easy to you. This is where self-empowerment comes in: you have to prioritise your own lifestyle preferences and tastes over what media dictates as the current ‘truths’ of the time.
So break up with trying to strong-arm your body into submission – love is the better motivator for growth. It’s time we treated ourselves with that same compassion and softness we would for a child we loved.
You deserve to look and feel exactly how you desire, and you deserve joy on the path too.

Jenna Zoe
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