the happiness diet

There are so many ‘shoulds’ that float around in my head when it comes to eating.
What I should have for breakfast. If I should have chosen an apple over chocolate last night.

Whenever I catch myself ‘shoulding’ it’s a sign that I’m living in my head instead of feeling my way through things. Living too much in our heads makes us judgmental. It shuts off our intuitive voice that is always ready to tell us what the best decisions are.

It is a contractive energy, whereas feeling things out is expansive. Tapping into how we feel about certain things opens us up to more creative, High-vibe choices. These are the choices that we want to be acting on in order to be our healthiest, juiciest selves.

When I ‘should’ too much, I’m acting like an overly rigid parent and essentially punishing my self. There is no self-love in that. But I take it as an opportunity to love myself even more. So what I do now is tell myself – get happy first, then make your choice. I tell myself I can choose whatever I want, but only if I do it from a feeling-good kinda place.

Our first job, people, is to get to that feel-good place. And then operate from, and only from, that feel-good place. In food, in life, in everything, the best choices only ever come when we’re in that state.

Obviously life is a constant flux and feeling crappy, anxious or contracted happens. This is not ever a sign that you are crap at being a human, it’s a reminder that you are human and always have life giving you opportunities to turn the negative into positive. This is beautiful!!
Instead of beating yourself up when it happens, take it as a fun challenge, to see how you can do an awesome job of turning it around. And trust me, you totally can, Life never gives you anything but the perfectly tailored challenge for you right this very moment.

As always, remember to honour your inner guidance above all outside advice, because you are the guru.


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