Skinny Drinks

Who says you can’t have fun and stay healthy?

These sweet little bubbly drinks let you do both. Skinny Drinks are all-natural, low-calorie mixers you can pour with vodka, tequila or gin to create a healthier version of your favourite cocktail, or simply enjoy on their own as a diet soda alternative.


  • Skinny Lemon

    Skinny Lemon contains 2 calories, 3 ingredients & no sugar. We’ve sweetened it with Stevia, a natural ingredient that doesn’t raise blood sugar levels. That way, you can indulge your cravings and still look your best.

    INGREDIENTS: Reverse Osmosis carbonated water, Sicilian Lemon Juice (not from concentrate), Stevia



The biggest challenge to eating healthy is social situations. I used to go out to at night and notice there was nothing I could mix with alcohol; or drink instead of diet soda whenever I was craving something sweet. Like many people I am both health-conscious and figure-conscious and wanted something low-calorie that didn’t also contain a bunch of artificial crap that would wreck my skin, body and health.

I know it’s easy to stay on track Monday to Thursday – then Friday night rolls around and there are never any options we can feel OK about.

I created Skinny Drinks because I believe in the power of better options.

Jenna Barclay, Founder