Looking good in December

It is SO challenging to feel good in your skin during festive season, isn’t it?I don’t know about you, but I usually feel drained from lack of sleep, puffy from the alcohol, and low in energy from all the party food.

Luckily, the answer isn’t a cupboard full of superfoods or a juice cleanse. Thank God!

The answer is practicing your ‘happy zone’ habits in between the moments that throw you off your game. Life is composed of that juggling act anyway, so learning to move through both phases with grace is key.

Let’s say you drank too much champagne and stayed out late last night; the wrong approach is to punish yourself today by doing a double spin class and only downing green juice. This establishes a binge and restrict duality within yourself. You’ve created a conflict.

The better approach is where the happy zone comes in: sleep in this morning, treat your temple with healthy but hearty foods that won’t make you feel deprived (such as eggs, avocado, peanut butter), and enjoy a delicious cappuccino and/or some squares of dark chocolate. If you know yourself and realise that getting a sweat on will make you feel better, so that too. If not, you can do it tomorrow.

In the short-term view, the day that I just described isn’t going to ‘undo’ yesterday. But with the long view, the more of these deliciously happy days you can get under your belt, the more you’ll feel like that girl who lives in deliciously happy balance. And when your body is so adapted and high-fucntioning because of this consistency and balance, it’s strong, and it can get rid of the excess toxins/calories from a few days of indulging without a problem. Maximise your machine and it will work wonders for you.

I guess the first step is to define what the delicious happy balance days look like to you, and then, when life allows it, live those days. Feel the happiness in the energy of those days, in the life-affirmingess of those happy zone habits. Then something magic will begin to happen. You’ll crave the happy zone, and the restriction and bingeing will hold no power over you. Yes, you’ll eat 3 mince pies one day, but you’ll also go to sleep that night excited for your protein pancakes the next day.

Act like the happy balanced girl and you’ll become the happy balanced girl. No stress, no body anxiety and no punishing necessary.


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