Holiday Eating Strategies – Tip 1

Welcome to start of your most busy, festive, social month. Throughout december we’re focusing on easy strategies for staying healthy til christmas, so you can ring in the New Year feeling good. There’ll be no talk of restriction and self-punishment though, just easy tweaks that feel doable yet make a difference. To be honest, it will be less about what to eat and more about how to change your thoughts around food, so that you can restore that natural, intuitive voice inside you that already knows how to navigate through these food challenges.Today’s tip is below, and it’s one of the most important:1. Be realistic
Too many of us set this unrealistic expectation to never indulge at all, which sets us up to feel like a failure. It also adds a ton of anxiety and pressure to a time of year which should be about joy (and I know that between christmas shopping and all the family obligations, that the last thing you need is more stress).  The solution? Plan for indulgence. Eat 90% for your body and 10% for your soul – you have to recognise that the fun stuff is an equally important factor for your overall health as it feeds you emotionally. If you can celebrate treats in this way, they actually become healthier for you. In contract if you’re hating yourself with every bite you take, said food has a negative effect on your energetic body.

It bears repeating: treats are a necessary part of weight loss, weight maintenance, and overall health & wellbeing.

So what does that 10% comprise of?
The treats you love the most.
Get clear on what treats are really worth it to you, and feel free to leave the rest. For example, if you know you love a glass of champagne at the office christmas party, go ahead and have it, but maybe leave the canapés that don’t appeal so much to you anyway. Equally, if you’re at a sit-down dinner and you have a sweet tooth, you might find you save room for dessert but aren’t that bothered about the bread basket. The more information you can gather about your own personal taste preferences, the better. Use yourself as your own guide about what to eat and when.

The only exception to this rule is Christmas day itself, where you should give yourself license to let go and enjoy it all, without any guilt. One day in 365 really won’t ruin anything.

Just promise me you’ll eat every bite with joy and gratitude.

Jenna Zoe

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