Are you a coffee lover? Here’s how to counteract your java habit

I don’t think it’s my job (or anyone else’s, for that matter), to be judgmental of your lifestyle choices.

It’s my job to help you optimise how you feel within the framework of what makes you happy. 

So if you love your coffee and never want to give it up, keep it!
And in case you’d like a few little tweaks to counteract some of coffee’s not-so-ideal effects on your body, that’s what I’m here for. Here you go:

Supplement with some magnesium: coffee depletes our stores our magnesium, the ‘relaxation mineral’. If you have trouble falling asleep, feel constantly jittery and ‘on edge’, or get those occasional eye twitches, magnesium will help you balance out.

Rehydrate: for every cup of coffee you drink, make sure you’re drinking one extra glass of water in your daily count (on top of the 8 glasses a day recommended). Coffee pulls a lot of water from your system, which you can easily counteract by upping your hydration game for the day.

Calm with superfoods: too much stimulation from coffee can fatigue us in the long run. Prevent this by introducing foods like maca, ginseng root, lucuma and other adaptogens into your day. They have the opposite effect on us from coffee and will help restore some zen in that precious body of yours.

Try some twists: yoga twists, and in fact any twisted postures, help nourish your adrenal glands, aka the part that can get overstimulated by coffee. By ‘feeding’ them with twisted postures, you will minimise the amount of stress hormones they produce, thus preventing any unwanted weight gain (especially around the middle).

Also, be mindful that caffeine can cause premature wrinkling, especially in the under-eye area. If you’re worried about this, be sure to consume plenty of healthy fats every day to support skin elasticity, and add a rich eye creme into your beauty routine.

I hope this serves you well.

Jenna Zoe
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