About Jenna’s Food & Drink

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Healthy living should be easy. But it isn’t.

We want to feel vibrant and healthy but we also need to live life: there is no reason why we shouldn’t be able to go for drinks, have dessert, and socialise without compromising the quality of what we put in our bodies. I created a range of food and drinks that hopes to fill these gaps. I created Skinny Drinks because I wanted something I could mix with alcohol that wasn’t filled with sugar, preservatives, or artificial sweeteners – but tasted more exciting than just soda water and lime. And it had to be under 5 calories too, so that it wouldn’t kill all my healthy efforts. I also love the fun of a diet soda like many people, so instead of missing out altogether I wanted a better way to fix my craving.

Upcakes are sweet treats that free from wheat, sugar, dairy, eggs. I believe in small indulgences that positively feed the emotional body – a good kind of emotional eating if you will. I love sweet chocolatey things just as much as the next person, and these are the healthier versions of all my favourites.

About Jenna Barclay

I was lead to clean up my own diet at 18 when chronic acne was destroying my confidence and none of the conventional treatments would make it go away. However, my new clean eating diet was often bland and left me feeling uninspired. I hated the preachiness of most healthful plans.

If it was gonna be long term for me, I had to make it playful.

Whilst working as an assistant to Tamara Mellon at Jimmy Choo, I studied to become a nutritionist and spent all my spare time making indulgent-tasting food. Those became two fun cookbooks, ‘Super Healthy Snacks and Treats’ as well as ‘Plant Based Paleo’. Jenna’s Food and Drink came as a natural desire for greater access to products with integrity, things I selfishly wish would exist to make feeling good and having fun one and the same.

Jenna Barclay